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Voltage Optimisers
Voltage Optimisers reduce your energy consumption by reducing the voltage. UK and Europe electrical equipment runs between 200volts and 220volts.
The reason electrical equipment gets hot is the UK grid supply voltage runs at around 245volts, UK average. Voltage Optimisers get rid of the excess voltage through heat.
Voltage optimiser could reduce your energy bills by as much as 15%.

Voltage Optimisation Explained


Voltage Optimisation works like a control valve to reduce energy consumption in voltage dependent loads by reducing or controlling voltage levels to within European Harmonised voltage limits to return an energy saving.

What is Voltage Optimisation?

Voltage optimisation regulates voltage levels more towards mainland European levels where appliances generally function more efficiently, the system also offers protection from the higher voltages experienced in the UK and maintains the designer’s lifespan of appliances machines and plant.

How it works

Voltage optimisation system exploits the CE Mark regulations, a European safety mark which dictates that all appliances must operate safely across the harmonised voltage levels across the whole of Europe. Mainland European standards dictate voltage levels of between 207V – 243V although our unique voltages levels in the UK of between 216v – 253v and an average 242v, creates the opportunity to manage voltage to a level where most appliances will function most efficiently between 220v – 230v described as the design level voltage.

Can it save me money?

One thing is for sure, Voltage Optimisation will not benefit every site although for the right type of sites, the benefits can be great in both financial terms and environmental.

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